Vintage Surfer Van - Sage – Ella and Jo

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Vintage Surfer Van - Sage

Vintage Surfer Van - Sage

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Hey there, cool cats and groovy kiddos! Get ready to hop on board our Vintage Hippie Surfer Van wooden toy—it’s the ultimate ride for your little adventurer!

Crafted from smooth beech wood and painted with super-safe, non-toxic water-based paint, this rad van is all set to take your kiddo on a wild ride through their imagination.

Picture this: waves crashing, sun shining, and your mini-surfer cruising along in style. Whether they’re hitting the imaginary waves of the bedroom carpet or cruising down the imaginary highway of the living room floor, this van promises hours of epic adventures.

And hey, not only is it totally tubular fun, but it’s also built to last. With sturdy construction and smooth edges, this toy is as safe as it is stylish.

So why wait? Grab your shades, roll down the windows (imaginary, of course), and let the good vibes roll with our Vintage Hippie Surfer Van wooden toy. It’s a blast from the past that’s bound to make waves in your little one’s playtime!


Size: 165mm x 50mm x 45mm
Material: Unvarnished Beech Wood