Giraffe Wheely – Ella and Jo

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Giraffe Wheely

Giraffe Wheely

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Meet our charming Wooden Giraffe Toy – Crafted with love from beautiful beech wood, this little giraffe is more than just a toy; it’s a gentle giant ready to add a touch of nature’s wonder to your baby’s world.

Imagine your baby’s nursery with this lovable wooden buddy, standing tall and bringing a sense of calm with its smooth, natural vibes. The Wooden Giraffe Toy is designed for those tiny hands to explore, creating moments of joy and discovery.

Safety first, super-parents! This giraffe is crafted with utmost care for your little explorer. Left unfinished for worry-free playtime, the rounded edges ensure a spa-like experience for those adorable little hands. It’s not just a toy; it’s a safe haven for play and peace of mind.

Planning to attend a baby shower? Picture the delight when you gift this Wooden Giraffe Toy – it’s like gifting a tall dose of happiness wrapped in wood. This isn’t just a toy for now; it’s an heirloom piece, a keepsake to cherish as your little one grows.

Watch as your kiddo’s imagination blossoms with the Wooden Giraffe Toy. From wild adventures to sweet snuggles, this giraffe is here to make every moment memorable. Get ready for those wide-eyed looks of wonder and the sweet sound of giggles!

To all the amazing parents and parents-to-be, let the Wooden Giraffe Toy bring a touch of nature and a whole lot of joy to your baby’s world. Because every smile, every giggle, is a little piece of magic.


Size: 130 x 80mm x 45mm

Material: Untreated Hardwood Beech Wood